Welcome everyone, to Milk and Quackers! I'm Quackers! And that's Milk. Anyways, we're going to have some subliminal messages. Wait, where's my latte?
— Quackers

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Quackers is the host of The New and Improved Milk and Quackers Show. He is the one who is supposed to help people solve their issues. However, he never really does that. Instead, he only ignores, makes fun of, annoys, and does completely random things to them and doesn't help them solve their issues. Sometimes, he only makes their issues worse.


Quackers is a white fluffy duck with an orange beak. Quackers also has one black eye and one wheel-like eye. Quackers has wings.


Quackers is a very funny duck. He hosts The New and Improved Milk and Quackers Show (April 21, 2014-Present) and he does lots of stuff. He has a very short temper because he outs up with people with mental problems all the time. He is really great at being a disrespectful jerk to all of the idiots who go on his show to teach a little lesson to those mentally insane scum in the world.


  • He has been to Home as a cameo. He was also Tip's, the deurotagonist's friend, who helps along with Oh as well.
    • However, he was mostly Tip's friend, so he doesn't trust Oh when they first meet him.
    • Quackers also owns Slushious, which he let Tip drive because both have a license.
  • This is the same Quackers from the original Milk and Quackers Show, although he got plastic surgery after the original series ended.


  • Quackers: Wow, what a hero. What do ya think Ti-[notices car is gone; looks up] Tip?! Lucy?! Whatcha doin' up there?


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